shemaleMeeting a shemale isn’t as hard as it might first seem to be. You probably have questions. Where do you find shemales in your area? How do you approach them?  How do you tell them apart from naturally born women? Well, first when you’re wanting to meet a shemale it is very helpful to know the different types of T-Girls, Transsexuals and Shemales.


We’ll break down the most common types of transgendered individuals so you at least have a basic understanding of the difference between shemales and other types of t-girls.

Transgender (TG) Defined – The words transgender or TG – is a term that is generally used as a blanket term to describe a person who was born a certain gender but may dress or behave in a manner more consistent with the other gender. Many cross dressers and non-operative transsexuals consider themselves to be transgender. T-Girl is another term that is often used to describe those who identify as transgender, especially those who don’t consider themselves to be transsexual or shemale.

Transsexual (TS) Defined – A Transsexual or TS is someone who views themselves as being of the opposite sex to the physical body the were born in. They could have a male body with a female mind, this is called Male to Female Transsexual. Often the abbreviations MtF or MtoF are used. These are the ‘ladies’ who are most likely to be living as a woman full time and go through with hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery to become more feminine and often indistinguishable from other women.

Pre-Op Transsexual Defined – The term pre-op transsexual refers to a transsexual who has still got their male genitalia as opposed to a post-op transsexual who has gone through full surgery to get rid of their male genitalia.

Shemale Defined – This term is often considered derogatory to transgender persons. It was first used to describe transgender people appearing in pornographic material. Anyhow it is still a popular term that refers to a transgender person who is engaged in various sex trades including pornography, prostitution, escorts and strippers.

LadyBoy Defined – Ladyboy is a translation of the Thai word Kathoey, it means the third sex.

Transvestite (TV) Defined – A transvestite is a person who dresses like the other sex to express the way they feel their sex should be.  Most transvestites are also straight. Many are married with families, but feel a need to cross dress. Their cross dressing is described as a way to relieve pent up pressure which can get very intense if repressed. Most transvestites report a sexual pleasure associated with their cross dressing.

Cross Dresser (CD) Defined – Cross dressing is another general term that includes transvestites and others who wear clothing of the opposite sex such as drag queens and female impersonators. They may or may not derive sexual pleasure from their cross dressing.


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