About Meet-Shemales.com

About Meet-Shemales.com and Shemale Webmistress MariaName: Maria
Age: 31 years
Personal: Single shemale with breast implants
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 150
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Local government
Hobbies: Nightclubbing, boating, cycling, Internet
Likes: Intellectual stimulation
Dislikes: Ignorant, rude people

Let me Tell You About Myself

I’m Maria – I love learning. One of my favorite things is to read a brand new book that I’ve been longing to read. I also like sports including cycling, boating and swimming. Occasionally I play tennis with my girlfriends. I may be femme but I give ‘em hell out on the courts!

I love to take on a challenge. Maybe that’s why I push the envelope both as a male and as a female. In my real life I live and work as a male but I have breast implants (that I keep hidden). I usually wear my feminine undergarments under my male clothing, just waiting until I can get cross-dressed and let my hair down. I think of it as more than cross-dressing actually.  It’s truly a part of me that I’ll never let go of. I’m comfortable with that aspect of me and I accept who I am.

My Family Roots

I’m fortunate to have a family who has known about me for years and they are all cool with me and my crossdressing. How great is that! I don’t know if I’ll ever settle down. For now, I take it one day at a time and enjoy everyone in my life. I date now and then but there is no special one and only right now. Not that I’d turn down the opportunity if it arose.  I can be happy with my own company but I sure do treasure the touch of a lover and a warm snuggle bunny at night.  Ahh, romance!!

Each morning I learn a new word for the day. They are usually rather obscure words but someday this knowledge might come in handy. Sometimes I find myself in a philosophical mood questioning the whys and ifs of life, and especially of my life. I ride public transit a lot so I have plenty of time for daydreaming and contemplating things. Most people think in a very shallow manner. I like to think deeply and ponder the consequences of various actions.

Did I mention that I have a slightly kinky side?  ; )


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